They're here... been a long tough Spring

Cherry Blossoms

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
70D 50mm Zeiss prime

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Larry, this is a lovely collection of flowers with the overall brightness adding to the inviting feeling.

Beautiful. Very well done. I like the subject and the central position, especially the use of a white post-crop vignette. The only suggestion would be less space above the blossoms and more space below. Give them some room to hang. Either that, or use a square frame to cut down on the patchy white above. But, hey, it’s still a great photo.

Its probably ages since I commented on your image. This one caught my eye. Beautifully composed.
Very well done, and love the color palette
Balan Vinod

We Japanese like cherry blossoms very much. This high key shot is wonderful!

The blossoms themselves are soft and lovely. Very nice composition and the vignette sets the cluster off nicely.

Larry: I’m working my way backward through the gallery so I viewed your most recent post first. I like it a lot but this high key presentation is even better. Your cherry blossom shots are an annual treat for me. Superbly crafted image. >=))>