This image is a little Spotty

Spotted Sandpipers in flight

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

iso 100, 150-600 at 550 mm, f29, 1/30th, handheld, D500, taken 7 years ago


I like the end result for sure. Very creative.

Very cool. And as @Matt_Payne said, creative.

Good work with your shutter speed. Not too much detail but enough to let us know that they are birds in flight.

David, as others have mentioned, this is a creative image including motion with wildlife. The shutter speed is just about spot on. Well done!


First thought, or name, that came to my mind was Art Wolfe. I’m sure you’re familiar. I think he popularized animals in motion early on. This reminds me of his work. Which of course is a big compliment!

The only nit/suggestion I have, if you’re asking, would be to tone down the bright blue in the LRC; if it were toned down to match the color/luminosity of the other blue patches I think that would work well. Otherwise, great capture and use of motion blur and the slower shutter speed.


A great catch of flying “boomerangs”… :grin: The sense of motion is very well done.