Thrill of the Chase

A pair of Brown Bear cubs that were having a blast chasing each other and rough housing while Mom was digging holes for voles. Note that there are a couple cub size vole holes in this photo :wink:

Sony a6500, SEL200600G @ 324 mm, ISO-320, f/8.0, 1/1000, hand held. Cropped into a panorama to get rid of the parts of a paved bike path that were in the top of the photo. The arrangement of the cubs worked well with a panorama crop also.

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Outstanding, Gary! It doesnโ€™t hurt that bears are my favorite animal! Terrific detail, especially on the cub who is on the move. Well done.

Very good, Gary. Great action and an interesting story. Detail in both cubs is superb. I like the way the pano crop works.

Great techs and I love the dynamic poses, especially body language of the front one.
You may add overall canvas, if you like.

Cheers !

Gary, a pano crop was definitely a smart choice. This arrangement is perfect, as the clear view of the leading cub is really necessary to lead the eye through the frame effectively.

I think Jagdeep touched on this, but I would simply say that if there was any unused original canvas on the left edge that could be brought back in (without the bike path showing), just a tick more would be nice to give that cub some breathing room.


Great image. You even get the feeling of wild play that these cubs are probably feeling. Cool.