TiTi Glow

Sony A77
Sony DT 16-50 f2.8 @ 50mm
ISO 800, 1/200 @ f11
It is so blazing hot around our place that the only flowers blooming are our hibiscus and passion flowers and I feel like I’ve exhausted most possibilities with them. However the back lit TiTi leaves caught my eye so I just grabbed my old A77 with the 16-50 attached and squeezed off a few shots. Turned out better than I had expected. All comments welcome. >=))>

Nice capture. I really like the quality of light and the little shadow in the lower center. You might want to burn in the right side to reduce the detail.


I love these colors, lines and shapes, Bill! The lighting just totally enhances everything. You’ve capture the beauty and grace of this plant!

The detail in this flowers beautiful Bill. Really like the flow magenta edges and the shadows. Good to hear you have something blooming over there. It is so hot here the only thing even trying to bloom are the lantanas.

Bill, this is a really nice image. Love the lighting on this. That little shadow in the lower right is just a nice bonus. Nicely done. I thought it had been fairly hot here, but most of the flowers are blooming. If we don’t get some rain tonight, I may have to water them though.

This is great, Bill. Great shapes and color and the light kind of mimics the shallow DOF. A very graceful image beautifully done.

This is a great find! Compelling shapes and colors with wonderful detail and lighting! My only nit would be that I find the green on the right is pulling my attention. It is pretty, but that’s the frustrating problem. It could be interesting to use Selective Color or Hue-Sat to bend the tones a bit toward the warmer reddish-grays in the rest of the image.