To Gag or Not to Gag

That is the question! Another shot of the juvenile Bald Eagle that had finished off a salmon carcass except for the tail which it tried more than once to swallow whole. This shot captures its final, & successful attempt. You can see the extended throat and with its tongue stuck out like that it sure appeared like it was going to gag on it! On a side note; eagles have weird tongues!

Sony a6500, SEL200600G @ 600 mm, ISO-800, f/6.3, 1/800, hand held.

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Wow Gary, details are awesome and that eye is stunning as well as the action captured. Love behavioral shots like this. Well done.

Another nice look at the eagle; excellent detail and seeing the tongue is a nice bonus. Hard to believe there is much nutritional value in the tail for all the effort the eagle went to in order to swallow it.

Another great shot of the young eagle trying to swallow that salmon carcass down. The details are even more stunning in this shot, I believe. I like that the tale of the fish is showing on both sides of his beak, and the tongue showing. That eye though, and the feathers are so sharp. Quite a behavior shot, Gary. Well done.

Superb detail, Gary, and a wonderful behavioral image. Birds do have an astounding variety in their tongue structure.

Gary, This shot is superb - great detail in a unique capture. One suggestion is to remove the stalk of grass or whatever it is in lower left. Wonderful image.