Toad Stools

Fly Agaric Mushroom. I have been looking of them for the past month and finally found some next
door in my neighbors yard.
10 image stack although I ended up darkening the BG anyway…

10 images @ f3.2, iso 200, 105mm


You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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The view is great, Dan. The 'shrooms stand out well and are quite striking with their color and positions. In the largest version, there’s a soft area in the cap of the biggest mushroom where it looks like you didn’t get good overlap between slices, more dof would solve that as getting overlapped sharpness at f/3.2 is very challenging. There’s also a soft area in the stem that looks to me like a photoshop processing artifact, since the stem is sharp above, below and to the right.

Dan: My first quick look at the thumbnail made me think you had painted an American flag on the big mushroom :wink:. Great POV and a fine comp and capture. I’ll defer to Mark’s comments on the stack as I still don’t do that but the final result looks pretty good to me. Most excellent. >=))>

Thank, Mark & Bill.
Yes there was still problems with a stack with 10 images… It definitely is learning curve.
I have started using live view (I used it in the Daisy stack in floral and I get better results).
If maybe Phil Hodgkins or others sees this and can chime in on technique, he seems to be a stack master. The problem was the one mushroom in
front just poking out of the ground, there is no way other than to stack to get focus 12 inches away even if I used f46?
I did end up blurring the BG, but not because of stack problems, it came fine with a nice bokeh at f3.2,
i just darkened for an effect.

Excellent, Dan. I like the three stages of development shown here and your stack looks very good. I think the black background works quite well.

Dan, when you’re shooting up close like this, even at f/16 the dof is less than 1 millimeter (1/16th of an inch). When you shoot at f/3.2 the dof is 10s of microns, which makes it nearly impossible to hand adjust the focus and still get overlapping dof in your slices. If you want to check out the actual dof, you can do that online by knowing the lens to subject distance, the camera (sensor size) and the lens focal length. You should see a table of dof versus f stop.