Tom Miner Creek

Here’s a step falls in Tom Miner Creek created when a tree fell across the creek. This is alongside a campsite in the Tom Miner National Forest Service Campground. I drove up to “look around”, but this sure had me thinking about camping by this clear tumbling creek.

(5D3, 24-105 F4 IS II @ 50 mm, 1/4 s, f/16, iso 200, tripod)

Mark, this is where digital works better IMO with regard to bridging contrast issues. The film I use has at best 1.5 to 2 stops up & down with exposure latitude.
This came out really nice for what appears to be some strong high’s and lows here. I like the horizontal view and like how you’ve had enough room or lens to deal with covering the area from top to bottom so nicely…:sunglasses:
I did need to mention this was one of those images that would not pull up full size when clicking on the normal size. Not sure what seems to be an issue there as I had the one you had to clear out for me last week…:thinking:

Paul, I removed and reloaded the image and now it expands…wish I had a clue about what happened.

Yes, the extra dynamic range of digital is great for high contrast shots.

Mark, yes the larger version seems to work just fine now.

I’m kind of wondering if it has something to do with the image upload string being corrupted. My point is, that when I started to load my waterfall image I noticed the image string was in the middle of one of my comments. It was trying to insert the string in the middle of a comment where I had made a change and the cursor was left at that spot. So, I caught it and removed the image string. Then I moved the cursor away from the comments and uploaded the string again. I truly cannot say that could cause the issue but I kind of wonder if that is at all possible.
If I person uploads the image string before writing a comment I’m sure there is less chance of that even taking place. As long as the cursor was moved prior to writing the comment of course. Again, not even sure that has anything to do with the issue.

Really nice diagonals here with superb color range. I really appreciate all the textures and clarity

BTW, I had the same problem as Paul immediately after I posted my image and then it started working fine. Must be virtual poltergeists…

Your SS choice works really well for this beautiful section of cascades, Mark. I particularly like the high lights in the FG splashes of water. You will have to head back sometime and use the campsite.

A pleasant little waterfall, Mark. You did a nice job on the exposure, especially considering the lighting situation. I know what you’re talking about when it comes to camping by a stream like this. The water is flowing fast enough to ionize the air but slow enough to make a more pleasant sound rather than a roar.