Townsend's Warbler

I’m suffering from hi iso affective disorder (HIAD) this time of year. This is at iso 12800.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 12800, 400 + 2x, f6.3, 1250th, A7R4, 60% full frame

You make high iso look pretty good and this one has an excellent pose and HA.

Nice, David. I think we need large reflective canopies and studio strobes for our winter set-ups! Excellent image quality and I like the pose in this image.

You certainly seem to have found a cure for your disorder. Fine detail looks good to me. And a very nice pose as well. A pretty bird for this time of year. Reminds me of sunshine.

One of my favorite warblers, you have captured it beautifully, saw one up close for a few minutes in this last Oct. It was working some old and some dead Live Oaks along a road in a So Cal NF. It paused quite openly and often…it filled my binocs from 1 0-15 yards and I thought I would be close enough for a good 500mm shot. But i don’t have a 500 lens and any way the bag was in the car 50 yards away and by getting it I would have to forgo such an intimate sighting. But your image is exactly the pose it had when it stared and wondered about me every 15-20 secs. So anyway 2-3 months later I purchase a Nikkor 200-500mm for my D7100 Nikon and expect it by Friday. Stoked!

And the image you presented is the clean one I will try for during the Spring migration at the same Oak tree. If it is as good as yours, you’ll know I will be enjoying the lens and starting to understand bird photography. Gosh some of the photos posted here are just awesome for the detail… count the primary and secondaries, upper coverts, and the subtle text book field marks revealed. Yours shows a slightly curved tip of bill. (I think that is in my guide book). Would love to know how much the images are cropped, how bout yours? The ISO comment was because of early winter sunsets?

My Townsend’s had ink black markings, through face and breast. I think it must have molted and gained fresh winter plumage or maybe had just retained a strong breeding feather look? I see in yours that they are all streaked in gray and looked at near season end, but all the areas accounted for.

Any way, I like the image and I’m finished. The photo stayed on my computer screen almost all day and saw it every time I walked into the room, so figured I owed a comment or two and ended up telling a story or two to a NPN stranger. I’ll look forward to posting an image in Avian in a month or two. I hope it will be as fine as yours. If so, I’ll be enjoying my new lens and gaining an understanding of bird photography. Wish you blessed and Happy New Year ! Thanks for posting an inspiring image.