Tranquility Unsettled

I took this a couple days ago on a local beach while trying to shoot a sea arch. The sea arch was a bust but I did get a couple shots of the sunset occurring behind me which I was relatively pleased with.

The scene was fairly quiet and tranquil but the waves were a little unsettled which I tried to capture with the longer exposure deeper shadows.

Specific Feedback Requested

Interested in any and all feedback - thanks!

Technical Details

Shot with a Canon EOS 80D / EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM using a polarizing and variable ND filter.

ISO 200, 55 mm, 1/2 sec, f/22

Minor basic edits in Lightroom with a crop to straight the horizon and remove some distracting beach material on the bottom & left side of the frame.

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Hi Maxime,

This is quite the beautiful sunset oceanscape. Love the colors reflecting off the sand and I quite like your chosen shutter speed to let the waves settle a bit. That works very well for this scene, I think.
And I’m glad for this too because I look at the steep angle of the beach and I’ll I can think of is rough surf, and riptides… So I think the tempered waves help keep this more relaxing and tranquil. Of course we all know the noise of the pounding surf, but we also know how relaxing it can be.

I have no nits or suggestions. I think the sky is processed quite naturally and I think the composition is balanced quite nicely. I’m quite enjoying this one. Wish I was there.


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Looks good on my end… just some “thoughts” in terms of alternatives for comp.
I’m not sure what else was available to you to the left of the frame, but I find that big open blue area upper right lacks visual interest a little and you could mitigate that by including some other stuff on the left and making it less dominating… otherwise, it’s a very pretty image and I wish I was there right now!

@Lon_Overacker , @Matt_Payne Matt - thank you for the thoughtful comments and feedback, much appreciated!

I took the photo from the small beach at MacNeil’s Brook in the PEI National park. It is a very sweet spot with some beautiful views. A few feet behind me the red sandstone “cliffs” (roughly 15-20 feet tall I’m guessing) are eroding at the alarming rate of about 1m per year.

Matt - I see what you’re saying about the big blue area in the upper right. Here is an alternative shot with that in mind:

I under exposed the dry beach in all my shots and didn’t do a good job picking beach elements but I do like the idea in principle. Something I’ll work on next time! :slight_smile:

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Yeah I think this works slightly better. Nice job!

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