Tree Swallow Pair

This pair of tree swallows appears to be having an argument over their new home. I wonder who won the argument.
I hope this is the correct category with part of the house being visible.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything that would help me improve.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90 D
ISO 400, F6.3, 1/2000 shutter speed
Sigma 150-600C at 546mm
Shot from my car using a bean bag for support.

This or Man and Fauna would both work for this image, Brian, so you’re good. You caught some great interaction between the male and female and the male is nice and sharp with the female being close enough for normal viewing distances. If you had time, you could have stopped down a bit, but action like this doesn’t usually give one much leisure for fine tuning settings.

Thank you Dennis, I must practice, practice ,practice.

HI Brian
I think they are just trying to decide who paying the rent. Nice color and detail. This type of interaction is alway nice to see.

A very cool shot of swallow behavior.