Tree Tops and El Capitan

I think my last image from the Yosemite snow trip a couple weeks ago. The snowing had let up, clouds thinned allowing a bit more light in. This pretty much the same location as my previous posts, only looking 180 deg towards El Cap. Not sure how or if this will resonate, but I thought it was kinda cool how the tree tops lined up. And then the snow accumulating on the face of El Cap for some added interest.

As always, your comments and suggestions always welcome.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Processing of course. Color, Saturation, contrast? Look ok?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Not sure what this is saying, if anything at all

Any pertinent technical details:

Nikon D800E, Nikon 28-300mm @135mm f/16 1/25th iso 200, tripod. Single frame

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Cool! The snow on the Dihedral Wall makes this one. I like the dead snags. My one wish would be for little more space between the green conifer and the right edge, but it looks like there are bare branches in the corner that may be distracting.

Nice job on this.

This is real nice, Lon. That said, it would be a more striking image without the conifer. But some things just are the way they are. Certainly not an image killer though. No other thoughts. I really like it.

I consider it a high compliment when I can see an image I like and guess the photographer. I thought this was yours when I first saw it; it has an Overacker feel. You do this style of the “smaller window of grand surroundings” so well. I love the overall gold tone, the way the diagonal of the rock face/snow matches with the trees, and the light dusting of snow to add texture. Well done; no nits.

Nicely framed, Lon. Wonderful juxtaposition of trees and granite. The dusting of snow really enhances the image by giving it more three dimensional look. I think I prefer this cropped with about half of the top between the tip of the tallest tree and the frame edge removed.

Lon, I really like the colors and contrast of the delicate dead trees against El Cap. I do agree with Harley on this one and that the conifer does not help the scene. As usual a great eye to put this one together!

Lon, excellent. A departure from many of your tree scenes, but still recognizable as your fine work here.
I kinda took the singular conifer as a before and after look. Or maybe a stepping stone in life cycle short to tallest and in-between there. So, it did not give me strong neg feelings or thoughts either way…:sunglasses:

Thanks for the comments folks!

@Paul_Breitkreuz, I’m glad someone picked up on the “life cycle” theme and also shortest to tallest… I was going to title something like “The Three Bears.” You know, Papa bear, Mamma bear and baby bear… :smiley: :roll_eyes:

But I also would have like to isolate the starkness of the bare trees without the little green one.

@John Williams, thanks! Also glad you noticed the diagonals mirrored between the snow line and the tree tops.

@Dave_Dillemuth, I think a small crop off the top works well too. I was wondering if this was too tall or too much space above the trees.

A bit different for sure. Always looking to find something different from this magical place.


Lon, you really hit the gold mine on your recent trip to Yosemite as you came away with several unique and outstanding images. The dusting of snow on the rock face makes for a wonderful element as does the snow on the trees. The stair step effect with the three trees also works beautifully and the processing looks spot on to me. Beautifully done.

I felt the crux of the matter was the black branches on the cream background. So I cropped it to that. But now we see how important the missing secondary elements are: the green fir, the dark gap in the urc, even the snow in the llc. I feel fairly certain you added these thoughtfully. Nice job.


Lon, a very nice and unique image, a great backdrop for the dying trees. They look splendid in their last moments. I get the balance and the life cycle thing but I think it is a significantly stronger image without live smaller pine. Love the soft detail on El Cap.

Hi @Igor_Doncov. Yeah, this works. I know a quick rework, but would go all the way and finish eliminating the green tree top. No biggie. Thanks for the comments.

Lon, I prefer the original crop to the rework. I’m a sucker for 2:3 aspect ratio (a holdover from my 35mm slide days). I think the original places more emphasis on the cliff, and I like seeing more of the details and textures in the cliff. I also love the matching diagonal @John_Williams pointed out, and I think that is better represented in the original as well. While Igor’s crop does clean up some aspects of the trees, those trees are not a big issue for me, and I guess I subjectively just prefer seeing more of that lovely rock cliff.

I much prefer the original , I think it works as is. The fact that the 3d tree down the diagonal line is still green adds a quirky touch to it. And the fact that the snow follows the diagonal line of the trees is great. I like!
Grt, Ingrid.