Tremont Rapid

I just bought a Fuji X-T4 and this image is the first image I took with it other than the dog to test if it works. Tremont area in the GSMNP is my favorite location, so it was a fitting place to try out the camera.
A few weeks ago I posted a photo at the same same spot that had a big rock in the foreground. According to feedback, there was too much rock, so I listened the advice and did not include the rock. This is the results.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is appreciated, composition, color balance, or anything else.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Taken with Fuji X-T4 with 10-24mm lens.

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Ah this is cool. Literally and figuratively. I think it could stand to have the wb warmed a bit (blue water?), but I like the strength of the composition and the light in the trees. I think you hit the right shutter speed to give the water character and bring home its relentless flow. The rocks have great detail, too. Nicely done and I can see why this is a favorite spot.

Oh and I might try some brush work on the big flat part of the rock - I find using dehaze brings out even more detail in the water flow itself.

This is a more in-your-face view of the falls than typically seen in shots from this classic location, but I love the perspective you have achieved here. It has a lot of dramatic impact, and your shutter speed looks very good for this high level of water flow. I also like your processing of the background trees, it has a nice light glow effect. Overall this is very well done.

My suggestions for tweaks would be to reduce blue saturation in the water, and I would burn down the water highlights in the mid-ground, they are bright enough to compete with the background highlights. Rework attached

Tremont Rapid_copy