Tufa formations and Mono Lake near sunset, E Sierra in Oct

Spent 2 days at sunrise and sunset in order to get good clouds. The rest of trip was clear with no clouds.

Specific Feedback Requested

any feedback

Technical Details

Sony A-1 with 16 mm Sony lens at f16 and 1/80 sec at ISO 100 on tripod

Hi Larry, so sorry the weather wasn’t better for you. Still, this image has a wonderful near/far feel to it. Of course 16mm will do that. :slightly_smiling_face: But it still needs a good comp. I like how this one works with the sky and clouds. I might apply a subtle light warming to the image, but really small touch. Other than that, I think it’s great as is. Week done.


Excellent take-away from Mono Lake. I haven’t been to South Tufa in years - at least not to the shore as there are just too many people these days - and kudos for getting a comp without peopel! :slight_smile:

I too like the near/far composition and I thing you did well to combine the features of the tufa AND a great sky in one cohesive image. Processing is spot on as well.

The only feedback really is the wide angle distortion. The good news is that the tufa formations aren’t necessarily perfect and so the main tufa on the left, while it’s leaning pretty good, actually looks pretty natural. On the other side, on the distant right, you can see the stand of tufa that is leaning in. If you were incline I guess you could do some transforming work. But in the end I think this looks great.

No other nits or suggestions. Glad you got some clouds. I know that once the sun comes up there, the whole experience changes! Everything gets HOT - light wise, and even warms up temperature wise - and then the wind kicks up too.

thanks for sharing,