tulip..A Springtime wish.. too much snow

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any pertinent technical details:

shot in window… back lite with reflected light eos mrk iii … 35mm

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Larry, I think the actual tulip flower is really beautiful. The lighting is very nice and the thin lines of color in the flower make for a very appealing delicate image. I just don’t like the way the leaves are positioned, especially the cut off leaf at the bottom.

Superb rendering of the petals and leaves, Larry - they carry a graphic quality of real elegance. I find the bg just a touch too spacious - otherwise love it !

I love the low saturation of the petals that makes the portrait different and take advantage of the typical reflections of the tulips usually a problem for the photographers. For me the petal on the left need some retouching work. An excellent photo Larry.

I love the tones and textures, Larry. I’m not that bothered by the lower leaf exiting the frame, but I think just a tiny bit of clockwise rotation would be nice. A very fine image as posted.

Larry: Superb rendition of the flower and leaves and I like the comp. My first impression was to counsel tightening it up a bit but this looks great as is. Looking forward to your Spring images.>=))>


I too am a little bothered by the leaf on the left side leaving the frame. That said, I think this is a superb image with delightful translucence.

For the most part, a well crafted image. The leaves and white space don’t bother me, but the petal Gigi mentioned does. Good photo, just needs some improving touches.

Hi Larry. The metallic sheen of the tulip’s petals is very interesting and an unusual feature. I also like the detail in the leaves and the angle in the frame. The leaf leaving the frame doesn’t bother me at all… if it was incorporated the whole image would be smaller and have less impact. Your composition choice is the best option. Nice image.