Falling Apart

A tulip beginning to lose its petals, Initially I wasn’t sure this was worth taking but I came to like the way the petals were displayed as if in a final act of defiance.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any? I posted a version of this image on Photo Art many moons ago. Then I applied a filter to try to get around the bg spaces. Am now wondering whether the ground may be ok for this particular flower. Thoughts on that especially welcome

Any pertinent technical details: Canon 400D, 100 Macro lens, 1/6 @ f13, ISO 200.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Thank you to Bill Leggett for suggesting I post the Photo Art version from way back ( which I confess I now find none too interesting ! ) - I note too that not all the ground was removed !! This was a Grunge filter from ON One Effects.

I think I prefer your new treatment, Ian. I love the way the leading petals seem to cup the rest of the composition. The background doesn’t bother me a bit. You might think about toning down the brightest yellow area just to the right of center. When I look at the large version, my eye tends to just lock onto that area and refuse to rove around the image.

A fine image.

Much prefer the photo art version, both for composition and the accentuated details. The only thing I wonder about is the dark areas on both the left and right.

Ian: I like both versions and actually find the Photo Art a bit more compelling. I like the BG and also the tighter crop. >=))>

The BG is fine by me, Ian. It doesn’t upset the balance of the composition at all. In fact, because it is neutral and non aggressive, it brings out the clarity of the petals that much more.

Both are great, Ian, but I actually prefer thee photo art. The comp to my eye is much more pleasing.

Hi Ian. It’s true that the photo art is more compelling but I prefer the new version. The white background seems to me apt for the composition. A beautiful image for me too.
The old flowers of the tulip can be very interesting. Two day ago I have taken a photo of a tulip older than your. If the image is good enough I will post it.