Turret Rock Formation

This was more of a favorite based upon my last outing in the summer time. My first visit to this site was a lost cause during the winter. After working with the TPE program this area has a narrow time during the early summer where there was some decent light during sunrise. This pano was a 3 image stitch.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Mamiya RB67Pro SD - Mamiya 127mm lens - Velvia 50

Nice glowing light, excellent formations and nice little sky gradient. I would be inclined to crop about 60% of the foreground. I gave it a go in PS and liked the result. Real nice take on the area, wherever it is. No idea what the TPE program is though.

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Harley, yes I’ve given the FG various crops too and like them also. I just left it whole here for grins.
I’ve used the TPE for years now. Here is the link to TPE

Well, you got a grin out of me! :grinning: I have buddies who regularly use TPE. I am not much of a planner and tend to wander instead, so I have not gotten it yet.

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Well now, as I forget what direction the sun rises and sets in I need all the help I can get… :clown_face:

Paul, this is a beauty, with the three rock formations and the kiss of purple in the distant sky. I too think that going more pano, by cropping most of the dried grass at the bottom works well. I’m still figuring out TPE as there are some canyons where I want to better use the angle of the light. BTW, I don’t think that combining three shots into a pano counts a “composite”.

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