Two's Company

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400 GII @ 200mm
ISO 400, 1/40 @ f22
We have a terrific crop of passion vines/flowers this summer. This is a host plant for gulf fritillary butterflies and later this summer the caterpillars will come close to stripping this plant bare. I liked how this pair interacted. All comments welcome. >=))>


Very nice, Bill. Passion Vine is one of my favorite native plants and flowers. So tropical-looking and, as you mentioned, an important plant for our native wildlife. Well captured.


Beautiful Bill, just beautiful. Detail, composition and what a garden to work with, lucky you.

They are beautiful, Bill. Love how they are so close together that they are touching, and even at the same height, so you wouldn’t have DOF issues. I had planned on getting one of these to put in our garden this year, but with the COVID-19 I didn’t go buy any plants. Maybe next year. I’m not sure if they are considered native to NC. I will have to look that up. They are beautiful though, and the bonus is they are a host plant for a beautiful butterfly, which I have seen in this area before, but not lately. Great shot Bill.

Beautifully done. Love the interaction between the two flowers. I can imagine it is hard to get adequate depth, but these are pretty sharp. The angle is just right.

Hi Bill,

This is one image that you do not need to isolate the subject from the BG. The flowers do it by themselves. Lighting is perfect and the colors plus complex structures of the flowers keep the eyes locked in. Awesome flowers…Jim

Wow, almost surreal. I certainly don’t have any technical comments - looks perfect (I aspire to that level of technical perfection!).

Since you say that you like the way they are interacting, have you thought about a closer crop - maybe as close as a square? Maybe that wouldn’t work, with the strong yellow centers, but it might accentuate their relationship.

Super photo as is, though!

Very gorgeous! What unique flowers! You do have a showcase in your yard!