Unknown Flower In The Wild

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I ran across this beauty while walking in the Pine Hammocks of the Florida Panhandle. I do not know if it is native to the area. If you know this flower’s name and habitat, please let me know.

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Does the top need more space?
Background effect

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Steve: Striking colors and a striking image. I’m pretty sure this is a canna lily. We have had them in our garden here in Houston and I saw a number of them at the Mercer Arboretum this past week. I’ve never come across them in the wild so this is a good find as well. Top notch shot.>=))>

Nice capture. Sure looks like a Canna. They are native in the deep south and on into South America, and cultivated varieties are common in gardens. This one is strikingly attractive which makes me wonder if it is a cultivated variety that escaped. Most that I have seen have plain orange flowers.

Google said Canna. They showed several cultivated varieties similar to this. Wikipedia shows a red/yellow variety as native to the Texas gulf coast though most native varieties are solid yellow or orange. Apparently they were heavily cultivated by the natives in Central America because of the starchy rhizomes.

As for your composition question, I use the dark mode for viewing and it doesn’t look too tight on that, but I suspect it would look crowded if viewed against a lighter screen.