Unnailed Repost

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any Canon 5DIII, f8, ISO 640, 1/500sec.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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What a beautiful Cardinal, John. That smooth green background sure makes him pop. I love his head turn. I would like a bit more room on the left, as the tail is right at the edge. I like the perch a lot, but for me, I kind of wish the nails weren’t there. I know you used the nail theme for your title, so maybe you like them, and if so, they sure aren’t a game changer to me. I just find my eyes going to the nails after a good look at the bird. Great shot.

Nice job on the Cardinal, Wayne. The colors are gorgeous. I love the title as well. I don’t know what processing software you’re using, but you might look at removing the dark blob in the upper right corner and adding a bit of canvas on the left (it’s pretty tight around the tail).

I love you’re title!

A beauty that really pops against the green background. Normally, I would prefer the nails removed, but with your caption, okay. Agree with the comments on more room on the left-it was my first thought on seeing the shot. I’d try some ‘content-aware’ on the right upper corner and see what happens. Definitely a keeper; well done.

Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions. My repost addresses all, then I realized the new post did not zoom in as much as the first post.

I do like the first post with the zoomed in look. In the second post I feel the perch overwhelms the bird. I like the additional canvas on the left. Basically, this is a gorgeous shot of the cardinal against the perfect contrasty background, so I would really emphasize this with the enlarged look of the bird and remove any distractions such as the nails and the dark upper right corner.

Really cool perch he chose! I do like your repost, but a bit too much room up top for my tastes. I also didn’t mind the nails being in the image. In your repost, I can see where you cloned out the top nail, due to some of the texture on the post doubling up.

Hi John! This s a beautiful capture! I agree with the comments above and your repost resolves the issues with the original. The only changes I would make to the repost are to crop a bit off the bottom to be-emphasize the perch a bit and a bit off the top to remove some of the dark portion and provide a bit more emphasis to the beautiful cardinal.

Well done!

Very pleasing image with appropriately saturated red plumage. I like the initial crop but without the nails. Excellent background here on the first post.

Hopefully, all of the suggestions have been addressed. For my own preference the nails could be left on the photo, maybe that is why the Cardinal has that, “what thaaa” look.