Vernal Trickle

Sony A100
Tokina 80-200 ATX-Pro @ 180mm
ISO 400, 1/15 @ f16
I’ve been to Yosemite twice; the first in April 2001 and the second in October 2008. What a difference the seasons make! On the first visit the waterfalls were in full flow and spectacular while in October there was barely a trickle. Yosemite Falls was a barren cliff and Vernal Falls had minimal flow. I extracted this from the face of Vernal Falls. All comments welcome. >=))>


Bill, I’ve had the same experience in two visits to Yosemite. During my first (fall) visit there was no water in several of the falls. I like the mix of rugged angled stone, misty falling water and the subtle colors in the stone. This is a fine, close-up look…nice job of making lemonade.

Superb abstract. I like the colors, textures, and shapes. I see a bit of a bluish cast in the water but it could be my recently calibrated monitor.

Beautiful Bill. I like the contrast between the soft feel of the water fall and horizontal forbidding feel of the rocks. Nicely captured.

I’ve come back to this a few times. It’s the color that is so interesting - I love the tinge of cyan in the whites. Otherworldly.

This is a beautiful scene Bill. I love giant rocks yet have trouble composing. You’ve done a great job tying the top and lower masses together with the vertical soft-flowing water. I think this is perfectly balanced in many ways. Thanks for a great example!

Very neat falling water image, Bill. I like the amount of blur you got and the appearance of water coming out of cracks in the rock.