Wallowa Seasons

Hi Folks,
I haven’t had many successful photography outings of late, so I’m posting a few of my favorites from the last several years. I figure I have been all talk and no action, since we moved to the new site, so I’m introducing my work here with a few images.

I am always eager for feedback, particularly on composition, alternative crops, and and additional processing.

Any pertinent technical details:

Canon 7D with 24-105mmL

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

And here is the same barn, moraine, and mountains the following Spring.

Hi Marylynne, So glad you decided to post. What I almost immediately noticed with the first image was how the buildings all fit within the boundaries of the moraine/hill behind. I think it would have been a little distracting to have one of the elements breach the ridge line. Lovely sky and colors as well. If anything, I might shave a little off the bottom, but that’s minor.

I might say the same about the spring version in terms of cropping some of the green field. But I really like the vibrance and color of the spring version; I’m kinda on the fence with the sprinklers, but then actually they do add a story-telling element. And even though I initially was thinking cropping the bottom, I do think as presented there is some nice depth here - and it’s because of the near foreground, despite it’s uniformity. Really no suggestions or nitpicks. This is well seen and crafted.

Thanks for sharing!


Marylynne, I like both of these images, prefer the spring one with the strong color and spring vitality that it has. With those deciduous trees to the right of the central barn, this would be a great location to visit in all four seasons and shoot with an identical composition. If you live close enough to this place it would make for a great series of images.

Thanks, Ed. I prefer the spring green as well. I like the sense of infinity in that foreground green, though I suppose it is a little monotonous and could be cropped.

I get out to this area every year or two, and I was there this Fall, but too early for foliage. It is about a 6 hour drive from Portland, where I live. The deciduous trees are mixed in with those outbuildings, which are not very attractive, and there is often a car or caterpillar heavy equipment and other stuff there.

This image is taken from the rural highway (between Joseph and Imnaha), and it’s dicey to pull over in the Spring or Winter because of mud and snow. The way the light plays on the moraine and mountains is amazing, and there is so much to shoot in that area that it’s always worth a trip, even if this spot isn’t looking great.

Marylynne, I like the starkness of the winter image, looks coldcoldcold. The spring image sings, colors are wonderful…sunshine, warmth, rebirth, well done.

Thanks Reno. I just noticed (for the first time since processing the photo a couple of years ago, that this might need a clockwise rotation. Do others agree?