Water Colors

A reflection flipped vertically. Full frame with Tele lens.
D500, 500pf (500mm), f5.6, 1/500, iso500
PP in C1P, lower clarity, adjusted exposure, sized in PS for web in TK actions.

Very nice work Dan, the look almost reminds me of ICM images. I like the flip, it’s a different twist on reflection shots. I think the processing and color look great, with a good warm / cool color contrast.

In terms of composition, I find the right half of the image to be more attractive. The left side has darker tones, and more muted colors, which almost makes it like a second image relative to the warmer, brighter right side. Maybe do a square crop of just the right ?

What gorgeous, soft colors in this. Was there ICM involved, or was this the reflection? Either way, it is very cool. I think that strong vertical trunk in the left side of the frame doesn’t really go with the rest of the parts. The other lines in the frame are softer and angled. That one vertical really stands out. I’m with Ed on a square crop of the right side, as it would be more cohesive.