Waterfall Streaks

I was up in Sonora Pass earlier this week. I made an image of a small waterfall. When I zoomed in with Photoshop, I saw these wild little streaks all over the place. I thought they were cool looking. This is cropped to about 40% of the original frame.

D810, 70-200 at 200, 1/50th second

Harley, very neat up-close perspective on this one. The close in larger version really does have a lot of streaking going on there. I’m really liking the center section with the brown or darker backdrop behind the veil of water. That to me works the best and is interesting on it’s own…:+1:
Would make a nice abstract entry on this weeks WC theme too… :sunglasses:

Lots of little streakers, indeed. There is nice detail here, and I like the warm/cool color palette. I am not usually a fan of blue, but it works very well to set off the warm tones.

Harley, wow. The texture is such a delight and I like how the cooler tone create almost like a vignette around the warmer area. If there is any nit, it would be the streak with a dark background 1/5 of the way from the left. I am not sure what to do with it but I think it’s a little bit of an eye magnet.

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Harley, this is really an interesting view of the falls. The texture (shutter speed) makes the water look very viscous and is quite unique. I love the warm/cool contrast of colors!

This is a real mind-bending abstract. At first glance it reminded me of icicles. I don’t think Ive ever seen flowing water looking like this. Makes me wonder what a faster shutter would have rendered. Processing looks good but I might experiment with cooling down the white balance…


Good to see an image post from you. And even better to see such an intimate abstract in addition to your classic wide open spaces landscapes. I love this! As others have mentioned, the wild, almost abstract highlights in the water are almost mesmerizing. I’d be tempted to suggest cropping even further with the brighter center section - on the other hand, love the framing of the cooler streaks of water framing the center.

Beautifully seen! Awesome! Glad you got up to the pass. Too bad you couldn’t make it earlier…


A really unique looking image Harley. To me, this looks like icicles, and not a waterfall, pretty interesting. I like the panoramic format, it works real well with this subject. The processing of exposure/contrast color looks great to me, I wouldn’t change anything.

Harley, What a great abstract image and the large version is really cool to view. Excellent color and I love the sheen this has. Nice work capturing this abstract!!

Nice abstract Harley. My only suggestion would be to crop from the left and right and focus on the center action. The bright right and dark left take away from the “Matrix” like action in the center.

I like the strong abstract, graphic impression here, Harley. I tend to agree with Adhika on the segment 1/5 in from the left. It not only grabs the eye, but it separates the cool/gray blue from the warm tones in a way that made me not really notice that aspect of the composition.

Good news is that there are lots of easy fixes (if you they meet your need), including a crop from left or, my preference, some clone/healing of that one spot.

Nice work and a fun direction to pursue as a set if you enjoyed doing it.