I wonder why this spider designed the web with so much negative space.

Specific Feedback Requested

I am still trying to get the whole of even a section of web in focus, as can be seen.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D7100 + 105 micro, f10 1/100 ISO 640 + flash

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Mike …thats a classic. Beautifully seen, and I can only imagine the difficulty in getting such an image. The placement of the emptiness is wonderful
Balan Vinod

Wonderfully amazing, Mike and very intriguing. Don’t believe I ever seen a web with such a perfect hole. I’m guessing stacking was out of the question? Great photo and very nicely done.

Thanks,@Linda_Mellor. I’ve only just started stacking - this was taken last October. Next time I’ll give it a go (the dewy webs are usually in October - Arachtober!).

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An amazing image! I tried to increase the sharpness in Topaz Sharpen AI, but did not come up with anything useful. I do not know if the result would be better working with the RAW file.

Mike, getting all of just about any spider web sharp in a single shot is rare. This is a great example of a wet web with that black hole and the dense collection of drops. The drops are nicely sharp around the blackness, which works well. Yes, to get everything in the frame sharp you will need to stack. Since you indicate negative space and when you posted this, I assume it’s an entry into the negative space WC even though you’ve picked an older tag. Getting the right tag, makes my life easier when it’s time to make my editor’s pick for the week.

Sorry about the tag, Mark. I put the photo in “Image Critiques” – “Weekly Challenge” but the only tag I could find to match this was black-and-white. Next time I’ll enter the right tag.