Weekly Challenge - Wild Water at Hidden Beach Redwoods National Park

Image: Cormorants and Waves

Description:Image was taken on June 2 this year at Hidden Beach, Redwoods National Park, the view of the swirling water and stationary Cormorants caught my attention

Specific Feedback Requested: Compositional critique and overall image quality.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon R, 200 mm L4, f8, 1/5, sec, 200 ASA


Hi Ian. That wave form is interesting almost looks like a skeletal hand. I like the cormorants they add some nice story to the image. I wonder if you could tighten in a bit and crop out some of the sky?

thanks for taking the time to view the image and offer comments, suggestions - as suggested I have cropped the image and tightened it up – I like it. Thanks again.

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Looks great Ian. I enjoy how those three cormorants are all almost exactly the same distance apart.

The rework looks really good, Ian. You can add it to your original post, btw. That way we can see them in the viewer one after the other. Not mandatory, but a common practice here.

The wave formation here is killer. The hand-like structure against the rock is striking and I like that the middle rocks haven’t been subsumed by the water yet. Gives a feeling of immediacy and change. You could have a go cloning the two rocks in the LLC if you had a mind. Some of the highlights look blown and a Linear Profile may help recover them if they are just a victim of another RAW profile.

Oh and ASA…wow, takes me back!

I too like that crop Ian. That water texture is unusual and I like it; it looks like smoke drifting in. The peach tone is a nice bonus here. As to processing, I’m always a fan of removing the dust bunnies that catch the eye in the smooth sky.

I prefer the crop in the repost. I love the wave and the SS used. I might sharpen the birds a tad.

I want to thank all of you for your comments and suggestions, I greatly appreciate the time you took to review the image. Thanks again.