Taken a couple years ago at Washington’s Waikiki Beach. Patrick’s and Scott’s recent photos reminded me to review some of mine from there.

Specific Feedback Requested

It was early morning, hence the light, but the color in top, middle of wave doesn’t seem correct. I did use cloudy setting; maybe the cause. The wave in bottom center: should it be cropped out? Any other comments appreciated.

Technical Details

Canon 7DmkII, 6.3; 1/1600th; ISO 400; 70x200 @150 mm; spot; cloudy; HH.


That narrow tone range of color is beautiful here Jim. I really like the way the center of the picture is catching that sunlight, so if you adjust the color I would only target the center of that larger wave. With that said, I didn’t notice anything there until you mentioned it, so I’d probably just desaturate that area just a bit and call it good.

I like it better with the foreground wave cropped out, and the highlights on the left tamed so they don’t drag my eye away from that wonderful central area of waves.

Thank you for your recommendations. @John_Williams . Very much appreciated.

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That’s a beautiful scene you captured here Jim. And I would be perfectly happy with the image as presented. Great light and color, and the right moment.
But you asked about cropping out the bottom and the color in top. Yes, I might prefer a crop, so I agree with @John_Williams . I also darkened the ULC and changed the color balance a bit. There is a bit of posterization in my edit, probably caused by JPG compression.
The result is maybe a bit too far away from your original post, but it might provoke some discussion.