Kona Wave

Image: Kona Wave

Description: Perched on some rocky fingers of lava rocks at sunset, I was trying to capture the arc of a wave as the sun was setting.

Specific Feedback

Requested: All feedback welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Nikon D800, Nikkor 70-200mm, 116mm, ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/500. Slightly cropped. Processed in ACR and PS. This is an older image that suffered from the plane of focus being slightly behind the front of the frame. I ran it through Topaz Sharpen and I think that worked!


Wow, this is certainly arresting - in the catch and in the visual grab it makes. The water at the bottom feels a trifle too blue, but I like the light in the droplets that’s pink and transitions. Good shape of the splash, too. Hard to predict with water so it’s spray and pray to some degree. Nice texture throughout.

I like the composition a lot especially the spray of the water coming up in front of the scene. The sunset also has nice colors. I do agree with @Kris_Smith that the water is a bit too blue. Nice job.

This is perfect for this weeks Weekly challenge. I agree with both @Kris_Smith, and @Donna_Callais that the foreground water is a bit blue but the whole scene is a bit saturated for me so maybe that’s the reason. I love the droplets of water when zoomed in. You were certainly set up in the right place for the splash.

Thanks @Donna_Callais @Kris_Smith and @David_Haynes for the comments! I agree the blue water in the foreground could be toned down a bit!

Well composed and executed image Patrick. I agree with the others regarding the saturation. I love the warm bits of light in the spray.

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Patrick, you stopped the moment most definitely. You also captured some beautiful colors and textures contrasting in the sky and ocean. I must also agree with the previous comments about the blue saturation. The image is very strong and shows how turbulent the ocean was at the moment you made the photo. Beautiful composition.

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