When conditions are right the shoreline is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. This area gets a lot of cross currents and the wave patterns can get very erratic. Here’s one a like on an overcast and exciting day from June 2019

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D7100, 70-300 at 80mm some crop… f8/1/200, ISO100

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This certainly captures the mood of the day. The blue of the water juxtaposed with the blue of the sky is particularly effective in generating the ominous overall mood. I find f/8 is a great speed for capturing the dynamic movement of waves - it slows it down so there is a sense of flow without turning it all into mush. Nice.

Really well composed Stephen. The boulders are perfectly placed anchoring the bottom of the image and creating some weight. Like Kerry said, the blue tones lend themselves towards a more ominous mood and you have the right amount of texture in the water to create that impact. Any longer SS and it would be a much softer, less moody image and there is clearly some stormy water here with all of the chaos.

Stephen, this view has a fine, stormy feeling. The details and many layers in the waves fit well with the clouds, while the rocks set the stage well for all of the action beyond.

Stephen, I love all the shades of blue, gray and white in this image. Very nice!

Thanks for all your input and comments, @David_Haynes @Kerry_Gordon @Carol_Nichols @Mark_Seaver . It is one of my favs for wave action.