Western Maine Foliage

I did crop the bottom area where there was no reflection just colorless water.

Camera info: Nikon D500, lens 70-300mm, ISO 4000, F4.5, 70mm, 1/5000 sec

I am listing this in Everything Else Critique because there is HOM with the dock.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any pertinent technical details:

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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A lovely image. The reflection is a great bonus. This really should be in Landscape with a tag type_human_element. You can move it yourself by editing your post and changing the gallery.

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I like this very much. I like this more because you included that little dock. I can just picture kids during the summer launching themselves off the deck in to the cool waters… without the little launching pad, this is really just another autumn reflection image - but you’ve elevated this to a image that tells a story, and I think that makes this image.

(As Keith pointed out, the “hand of man” requirements have pretty much been tampered, so this is fine in the general Landscape category.

Enjoying this autumn classic very much.


I agree with the previous comments. I like it. I think the dock makes the image. The colors are beautiful and right on, but the dock gives interest to the image.

Just feels a bit warm to mee, seeing a slight yellow cast. I would cool down the white balance a bit which will make those pine trees less yellow and give you some better color separation. I would probably crop off some of the bottom or top that way the horizon isnt right in the middle making it feel so 50/50. Cropping off the bottom would draw more attention to the dock if that is your main idea behind this photo.

You found some exquisite fall colors here, nice location! I like the image as is, the inclusion of the pier works for me. A nitpicky suggestion would be to clone out the white-ish strip in the water just above the pier (it’s probably from ripples in the water?).

I also wanted to make a comment on the quality of the file at a pixel-level: Unfortunately when viewed at 100% magnification the file you posted here has very low detail in the foliage, to a degree that would probably be fairly noticeable in a print. If you only ever post this online it’s a non issue, but you can get much higher detail quality out of your camera by paying close attention to the settings used while shooting. Without having been there at the time you took the photo I will still venture to guess that a shutter speed of 1/5000 was unnecessary for what looks like very calm conditions, especially with the 70mm focal length. This in turn pushed the ISO up to 4000 which leads to a significant drop in detail quality – on any camera.
Even if you shot this handheld I would think that 1/500s shutter speed would been more than enough to avoid any movement blur, and your ISO could have been down to around ISO 400 – leading to less detail-destroying noise reduction.