Fall Reflections

Nikon D750 Nikon 24-120 ISO 250 1/100 F13

Taken at a lake on the Rockefeller Preserve in the Tetons In October. Amazing color there that day. The clouds initially bothered me but I now think they add to the beauty. Perhaps better than just a clear blue sky. I like the image bright and the reflections were something to see. I was a bit excited to grab this one.

Comments and critiques appreciated

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It looks like you have a nice scene here. The clouds are definitely a bonus. A naked blue sky is usually pretty boring. That said, your clouds are over exposed with parts that appear to be blown in the whites. You may have detail in the raw file and I would definitely go back to look at it to pull down the whites. You didn’t say if you used a polarizer, but it does not appear so. Scenes like these are perfect candidates for using a polarizer. I worked the image a bit to pull down the overall tones, see if I could get some detail back in the clouds, worked the lower left to try to reduce the glare (polarizer is the only real solution).


Ditto to Keith’s comments and edits. The sky/clouds are great and create a nice color contrast with the vibrant fall color. I think this just needed a little tweaking with the brightness; realizing you mentioned you liked the image bright. Guess it’s a fine line between something being bright - and having some of those bright areas clipped out.

Wonderful reflection and nice comp. Glad you included the bit of opposing shore on the left; it really helps hold the comp together.


Andrew, if this had been just a clear blue sky, I wouldn’t have even shot this scene. These are the kind of clouds that can really make an image work well. I like what @Keith_Bauer has done in his re-work, it makes the image crisper and the colors stand out more. I do like you composition, it is nicely balanced between the tall trees on the right and the clouds on the left.

I appreciate the extra effort on my image. Some good tips and I can use them for more images from that area as I process them.