What happen to you?

Living and hiking near home in Arizona I see saguaros I’ve photographed at sunrise and then hiking the next year they are on the ground dead. It’s surprising when I see a cactus subject I’ve shot dead the next year. When I shot this last year about this time it was golden hour and seemed like a cactus sunrise yoga scene so I made it B&W for this weeks topic.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is appreciated, thank you.

Technical Details

Canon R5 iso 100 24mm f/11 1/45 sec

That is sad to be sure. Here drought is not a problem, but wind events are. There’s a place I like to kayak that had the nicest little grove of hemlocks and other trees that now are completely toppled and in a jumbled mess. At least they didn’t fall to block the boat launch, but the place just isn’t the same.

So given the sadness and loss you’d like to convey here, I’m not feeling it from the photo. I think it’s the close crop and distance from the subject and the fact that the pose seems almost comical. Like a pratfall. I know that wasn’t the intent so I wonder if you have other views from farther back that might include more context for us and maybe other saguaros that are still healthy for contrast. It might be a better way to tell the story.

Steve, this shot takes some study to see how this Saguaro has fallen towards the camera, with it’s arms leading into the corner. (At least I started out following the arms into the frame and then had to recalibrate…that’s not a bad thing, it adds some extra interest.) I think the “story” of this fallen Saguaro would be easier to read with more separation between the cactus and the hills behind, but recognize that doing so may be a challenge with your 24mm lens. Since it looks like you go by here often, you can revisit and try various approaches, which is something I often do. (In fact, there’s a WC later this year on the idea of revisiting a scene.)

Hi Kristen, I agree, I need a wider view for more context. Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi Mark, thanks for your thoughts. I will return to this trail and see if I can portray a better story.