What's up there?

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This is from the same session as the pair of images I posted earlier. I actually liked this pose a lot better for the frontal shot, but I wanted the similar head turn for that first post.

Specific Feedback

I played around a lot with processing in this one trying to bring out the modeling of the side light without making the shadows too deep and bringing out the oranges of the breast which seemed to want to be a bit washed out in this lighting. I even went to the length of using Tony Kuyper’s “Make it glow”, though I had to dial the opacity way back to keep it from being way too much.

Does this still look like a Sharp-shinned Hawk or more like an over-painted clown?

Technical Details

Sony A1 FE 200-600 + 1.3 TC @ 840 mm, hand held, f/9, 1/3200, iso 2500, manual exposure. Processed in LR & PS CC with lots of fiddling. Cropped from a horizontal original to 3895x5184. Taken May 16th at 4:55 pm.

Dennis, the lighting makes this one really provide superb detail throughout.

I find that is an excellent tool and yes dialing back the opacity is kind of a given. Looks very nice as processed overall.

All the attention to detail on site and in processing was worth it. What a beauty and so much character and lethality on display here. Funny, I was just processing a swan image and used a touch of Make it Glow, too. I like it as a finisher, but, like you, rarely leave it anywhere near full strength. A little goes a long way.

Really super feather detail and that small beak is kind of hilarious. As are the spindly yellow legs. Wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of either though, come to think of it. What a wonderful shot of a special bird.

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Oh wow, Dennis, a real beauty and you captured it so well. The look upward makes it interesting, wondering what has got his attention. He stands out nicely against the BG.

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Beautiful capture Dennis. Nice details on the bird and love that red eye. Very nice BG too. Looks good to me. Well done.

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Lighting and tyhe subtle head tilt make this a very nice comp. Large version has exceptional details. I like this one as presented…Jim

This pose really makes me wonder what it’s looking at, Dennis!

Can’t say it looks like anything other than a Sharp-Shinned Hawk, Love those deep red eyes and the yellow color breast feathers!

Not sure what the “Make it Glow” filter does (although, it probably does what the name implies). I don’t have any of TK’s plug-ins, or any other similar purpose plug-ins for that matter. I’m still trying to do things the hard way I guess.

Either way, what I see here looks natural with a hint of artistic appeal. :slight_smile:

Even if I were to start shooting avian, you’d never see anything close to this from me!

I was traveling all of last week and only had time for quick glances at posts, and mostly just on my iPhone. I’m back home now and won’t have time to catch up fully but had to come back to this one to say how much I love it! Pose, lighting, detail and BG are just stunning!

I hesitate to even make a small suggestion, but I find my eye goes to the lighter area in the very UL corner. (But it doesn’t stay there long.) Would be easy to color it to match the greens in the BG. But I love the lighter area closer to the head.

Thanks @Diane_Miller I was wondering if someone would comment on that little blue patch. I think if I print this it will have to go.