Where to get the new FujiFilm X100VI camera?

Our son-in-law is hoping to get hold of one before a trip to France, leaving April 9. Wondering if anyone knows of any sources that might have one? Thanks!

So far as I understand it, basically everyone wants one and like Rolexes, you have to have already known someone who can get on the list and get you one. My advice is to get something else and some stickers - https://petapixel.com/2024/02/27/cant-get-hold-of-the-new-fujifilm-x100vi-just-fake-it-with-some-stickers/

He’s probably already aware of that hack, but I’ll forward it!


He’s embedded in the Hollywood film industry and would have good contacts, but the Rolex crowd is the next tier up – he’s just a director. And he knows a lot of the photography crowd.

They bailed out during the pandemic and both work remotely (mostly) up here in God’s country, to their great delight. Great family nest up here on both sides.