Whitethroated Kingfisher

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R 5; 500mm IS2; 2X; ISO 1000; 1/1000 sec. at F 8.


Jagdeep, this is a beautiful bird, and you captured it so well. Love the colors, and how the background compliments him. That nice little head turn, and the perch he chose helped make these shot even better. Excellent details in the bird. :+1: :+1:

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Gorgeous colors and detail in this Kingfisher, Jagdeep. Great expression it its eyes. Nicely captured.

The Kingfisher is delightful, Jagdeep. The colors and detail are superb and I love the eye contact. I do see at least three cloning artifacts to the right of the bird and below the perch that you might want to smooth out.

What a gorgeous bird, beautifully rendered. Excellent detail and color. I might have cropped a bit more off the right side of the image, but that’s a small preference.

Well, the bird and colours are awesome. The pose is great, with all those stray feathers, and the bird gives you a great look at the camera. Post-processing you could have been done better, I am sure. Beside the artefacts the larger version shows quite some sharpening effects on my screen, as the image seems pretty sharp by itself, I would re-process it with less sharpening. Worth re-working would be my honest advise :wink: … Take care, Hans

Thanks for your kind words !