Wild Dogs at Play

Here’s a photo of wild dogs at play. As is often the case, the dogs will indulge in a bit of play after feeding at a kill. What I liked about the photo was the expression of the dogs, the triangle the two dogs formed which framed the third dog. I also liked seeing all their eyes and all those formidable teeth. The feedback I’d like is what if anything should be done with the grass that surrounds them? I’m leaning towards a bit of a vignette. Richard
Nikon D 500 and 80-400 lens at 1/800, f/6.3 and ISO 2000. Cropped to about half of original size.

great image, I don’t do much post processing so cannot advise on what to do with the grass, but I like it as is.

Always great to see these rarities especially when captured so well!
As for the grass I would suggest taking away something from the bottom and moving the dogs slightly off centre

I like the fact that you managed to capture the height of action. I do find merit in the Ken’s suggestion about cropping some canvass from the bottom

Jagdeep Rajput

Great action shot. Good detail. I could see some vignetting, especially the upper corners.

You have caught some good action/behavior with these dogs. Actually, I would not change much at all, maybe darken the grass some.