Willow Flycatcher

At a local pond.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 800, 400 + 1.4X, f5.6, 2000th, 5% of full frame (2.5 out of 50 MP)

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A pleasing composition with the head turn, detail, perch, and background.

A fine image, David. All the techs are there and a nice pose and background. Well done.

Your ability to nail the focus well enough to support those enormous crops always amazes me, David. I’d never guess this was cropped that much. A very good image.

Here is the original uncropped image

Remarkable! Lovely capture of a lovely bird, which chose the perfect perch and BG!

Very beautiful image, David! I really love the lighting on the little bird. Beautiful setting!

Hi David
You are the photo catcher of Willow Flycatchers. To photograph a Flycatcher that far away and have it in focus and sharp is amazing. When you stated the shot was only 2.5Meg, I had to look up my first digital camera, a 2012 Canon Rebel with 6.3 meg pickup. A 95% crop on that camera would render a photograph of around 375,000 bits. The cameras have changed, but the skill of the people behind the camera has alway been there.