Wind in the grass

Description: Wind moving through fall grasslands at the Kortright Centre in Ontario

Specific Feedback Requested: All comments welcomed. Barely touched saturation, worked on a crop and sharpness.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Not a compostite: 1/2400 f7.1 ISO800 aps-c @50mm

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Charles, the backlit grasses have a fine glow and the mix of seed heads is very typical of grasslands. Images like this are challenging, since there’s little in the way of standard composition elements. You’ve done well here.

Really have to see the bigger version to appreciate it. Nicely done, Charles.

Thanks David and Mark! This one was a bit of challenge as the field was not that large before woods and buildings appeared on the horizon so I kept reframing. Every time I look at it I am tempted to re-crop. Thanks for feedback.