Winter enigma

So I finally got out yesterday for a few hours. Didn’t go far or stay out long, but it was a relief after a month of Covid. Eight books and the internet and I still don’t know what this polypore is. They’re more delicate than Phellinus gilvus, but the underside is very like them. They were densely fruiting on a dead tree and covered in snow so I found this isolated one to show off. 11-image stack. Those white strings may be insect eggs of some kind. IRL it’s about 1 1/2 inches wide and was drawn to the shape of the main shelf and the pore structures below. It reminds me of a flaring skirt or cape.

Specific Feedback Requested

Nothing specific, but have at it.

Technical Details

Focus bracketing = +4 step, 0/+ method starting with that leading edge, 11 shots


Lightroom for basic tweaks and some distraction removal, added texture and dialed down the highlights a lot. Liberal use of masking to bring out texture and modeling. Zerene for the stack - DMap with some PMax details painted in where needed.


Kris, a wonderful image… :sunglasses:
More importantly, glad your over the Covid issue and back out in the field. It took me a FULL month back in August to shake the stuff even with being fully inoculated… :mask:

I am also glad to hear you were able to get out for a few hours, Kris. What a fascinating mushroom, pretty sure I have never seen one like it. Great details and textures.

Thanks @Paul_Breitkreuz & @linda_mellor - glad you guys like it. I’m just a simple nature photographer most of the time, looking for and marveling at the wonders I find. I’m happy to have the skills to share them.

And yeah, Covid is mostly over. Lingering cough and I get tired easily - plenty of strength, just no stamina. Bleah. But one day at a time.

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Kris, a mushroom is certainly appropriate subject (one of your favorites) for your comeback image! So glad that you were able to get outside and shoot. One day at a time and hopefully not all that many days and you will be out there clicking the shutter on a regular basis. I like the snow cap this mushroom has on it. I can’t help you with the ID on it, but sure am enjoying your shot. Looking forward to seeing more of your shots as you are able to get out more. I have been fortunate thus far to not get the COVID. Fully vaccinated and have been careful because of my husband’s health. I’m so sorry you have had to go through this but it sounds like you are coming along well. So glad.

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Thanks for your warm thoughts and wishes, @Shirley_Freeman - it is a pain, but getting it this late and after being vaccinated (twice!) means it’s less severe than might have been. Still it’s really weird to be feeling it so long. I’m used to regular colds that last a week and are gone.

Glad you like the shroomy goodness. I was happy to find a treeful of them!

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Really nice image here Kris, just the kind of thing I hope to find when exploring a somewhat desolate winter landscape, without even snow yet. Really enjoying the details too. My daughter-in-law came down with Covid over the holidays, fully vaxed also, and finally getting over it mostly, so happy to hear you’re recovered enough to get out.

Thanks Jim! Winter mushrooms have such a different character. Am planning to go out tomorrow as there is a good possibility of freezing fog (rime ice) and so I’ve got google maps out looking for trails or areas with a variety of scenery and terrain.

Covid-wise feeling better. Cough is greatly reduced and I even went downstairs to the gym to lift today. Just basic Olympic bar stuff which is normal, but at a lighter weight and fewer sets. Felt good.