Winter Fog 4

We have had a number of days of snow and fog which I love to photograph. I am captured by the infinity perspective behind the images.

Specific Feedback Requested

comp and processing

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

Hi Mario. I quite like the processing of this image. Almost looks like a pencil sketch. I have processed a few of my images in a similar high key style.

To me the compostion feels quite bunched and there is not a lot of brathing room for the bush and also the elements in the image. The main bush is very close to the edges of the frame an feels too offset to the right.

I think I would have arranged the grasses in a ā€˜vā€™ shape to lead you into the bush a bit more. Maybe placed the bush centrally or on a third(ish). You may have got more separation in the grasses by raing the camera a bit more. That way they would conflict with the bush less.

I do like the idea of the image but it just feels to cluttered to me. I may consider going for a simpler composition if you shoot a scene like this in the future.

Have a look at the work of Bruce Percy, he is the absolute master of simple arrangments of images while still producing something really strking shots


Very unique and intimate subject matter, Mario. My first thought while viewing it was that it is very busy, even with some lovely tones and lines. Agree with @Eugene_Theron about the breathing space . More is less and sometimes less is more. I think that might be the case with your image. A little less could go along way with your infinity space along the left side. The Bruce Percy link could be inspiring for this type of image. Thanks for that Eugene.

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