Winter In The Dea Sea

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During a winter storm that covered several parts of the country I decided to pay a visit to one of my most favorite locations in the Dead Sea
I always arrived and looked at this mixture of mud & salt and it always seemed like “Ah I wish this was closer to the water”

Luckily on that winter morning the winds created actual waves in the dead sea (which is not a common thing) that allowed the water to be closer to the mud creating this scene

Technical Details


Hello Idan, Wow! I love this image. The swirl of the water is lovely (so glad you used a long exposure!) as it leads into the light of the water and sky. The mud or rocks (?) in the foreground are beautiful—they seem to embrace that soft water and could, but don’t, distract from it. Beautifully balanced!

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Hello, Idan! I really like your shutter speed here. I rarely push water that far but I think it helps in this image pull you into the light in the back. I’m curious about the colors, it feels (and maybe this is naturally the way it looks) like all the color has been stripped out of the foreground. I’m interested if that was a creative decision or the natural conditions. You could probably draw out some more contrast in the salt by dodging the midtones/highlights a bit to emphasize that texture. Seems you’ve done well to manage the brightest highlights in the clouds (not always easy).

Thanks for sharing!

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Great photo!

I love how the compositional elements work so well together in this.

one thought i did have though, when i saw this image, the bright light shining through the clouds on the left side, it seems to be shining on the midground, and the background (further back water) with the same luminosity, which reduces the depth of the photo (in my perception)

i wonder if decreasing the exposure a bit on the water in the back would help with that? just my thoughts

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HI Idan,

great scene and mood, congratulations!

Just some minor ideas: I wondered if the sky could use some more glow and haze to enhance the atmosphere. At the same time, I would try to cool down the foreground just a tiny bit.

Also, your horizon line is not 100 straight. Anyway, great image!

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Hello Idan, I think this is lovely as presented here, with the only thought that perhaps the vignette you gave it might be a bit too dark in the LL and LR areas. I don’t see that so much in the upper corners, but it feels a bit extreme at the very bottom. That adjustment may in fact provide a bit more detail and texture in the mud i that area, as well. Nice job of seeing, composing, and great choice of shutter speed. Glad you kept returning to this spot!

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The salt there is pretty colorless, I usually prefer the FG to be more saturated, but sadly saturated foreground is difficult in the Dead Sea.

Thank you all for the feedback, definitely some things to think about here.