Towers of Salt

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


A visit to the Dead Sea can be always be have a few surprises, whether its a new sinkhole being opened and might provide new photography opportunities or its a new salt formation that becomes visible due to the receding waters of the Dead Sea.

I found this salt formation a few months ago, but getting there was a bit of a challenge that required walking in heavy combination of mud & salt.

Hope you like the results.

Technical Details


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A very surreal photograph. I love the salt patterns on the shore and the leading line of the water’s edge leads the eye wonderfully through the photo. The long shutter used created a wonderful ethereal effect in the sky but even more so in the water and coupled with that wonderful color from the twilight sky, and well, you’ve got an alluring photograph. Great work!


Wow, this is so other-worldly! Those salt patterns a SO fascinating! Quite a unique sight and I can only imagine the experience of being there this day.

Like Youssef, I like the effect of the longer shutter speed, indeed giving this a surreal look.

Personally, I don’t think you need all the sky/clouds up top and if it fits your vision, perhaps a slight crop up top.

I’m wondering too… while the color/sat are certainly within your choice and preference, I’m kinda thinking a very slight pull-back in the saturation of the yellow/oranges would enhance the surreal mood even more. Purely a subjective thought.

Very unique indeed. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing,


Wow! First impressions
Absolutely love the way you have handled the salt and the water - perhaps a slight dial back on the yellow as Lon suggests
I do think though, that the main story is in the salt architecture and would suggest cutting back the “black” in the sky a bit so as not to to let that compete with this really outstanding image!

Idan, the shapes in the salt are amazing. I also like the shift from sharp salt to softer water and sky, that does a fine job of emphasizing the salt patterns. The shoreline works very well at pulling my eyes into the distance.

A very striking image. The patterns and lines of the salt formations are mesmerizing. I personally like the inclusion of the amount of clouds as they mirror the foreground in color and shape, but cropping down could tell a different story if that’s your intent.

Love me some dead sea images!! I like how you decided to use a long exposure as well!