Winter Shadows

I took a walk on the road around our lake today after a 20 inch snow storm. I was stuck by the shadows in the wood over the undulating snow pack. I did not have my camera but nonetheless used my cell phone …so there you have it.

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Very beautiful composition! I love the shadows too and the trees!

Really fine semi-abstract. Excellent lines with the trees and shadows and the B&W works well.

Oh good catch. I do these images a lot when the conditions are right. So what a cell phone - you have to use what you have with you right? In the old days you wouldn’t have been able to capture anything.

That said, maybe next time a little more bright snow in the FG to balance the BG. I like the progression of shadows and the exposure looks good, too. A solid shot.

Really nice abstract Mario, there are so many interesting layers to this composition. Well seen on your part. I think you included just the right amount of background trees , they complement, but do not distract from the two primary trees. Love the graphics here…

My only suggested tweak would be to clone away the patches of light in the LRC.

Thanks to all @Ed_McGuirk @Kris_Smith @Vanessa_Hill @Harley_Goldman . Plan on going back tommorow with my camera this time, it will be a sunny day.

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