Winter Sunrise At Teetering Rock Butte

Happy New Year Everyone -
Like most folks I had several keepers from 2019 but decided I’d post this one from last winter. Nothing much to say beyond it was one of those upper desert freezing mornings coming in around low the 30’s.
I think I’d photographed a different angle from this area several years ago with my MF gear. This outing I used the LF 4x5 unit.

Wista DXIII 4x5 - Schneider APO 210mm - Velvia 50


I can see why you like this one, Paul. Really sweet light and great subject matter.

i love the teetering/balanced rock in this shot Paul, and how it’s leaning shape mimics the rock in the LLC foreground. You have captured some really sweet light here, you waited for the prefect moment. i can see why this is one of your favorites. Best wishes for more great images in 2020…

Beautiful light, shapes and nicely composed to show off both. A happy new year to you and may you get all your 2020 wishes (one of which I can guess with 100% certainty).

I am enjoying everything about this image, the shapes, sweet light, all of it, Paul. I had to look up the camera you used, because I wasn’t familiar with it. I suspect that wasn’t light to carry on the hike in the cold weather as well, so a lot of effort went into this shot. :+1: :+1: Happy New Year!

Love the way the lines tilt right here, and that early light is just gorgeous. Just beautiful work and worthy of a favorite.

@Michael_Schertzberg, @Ralph_Yakaboski, @Michael_Lowe, @Ed_McGuirk, @Harley_Goldman, @Shirley_Freeman, @Kathy_Barnhart,
Thank you all for your review and comments. Happy New Year to everyone and may the keepers be plentiful this year too.
@Shirley_Freeman, actually my 4x5 is lighter then my MF gear by quite a bit. But, both are bulky outfits… :nerd_face:
@Harley_Goldman, you know me too well…hopefully the November results are positive ones… :clown_face:

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Almost missed this! Love the colors you’ve rendered here. Course, the light ain’t bad either… :wink:

I can see why you might have picked this as a favorite.

Happy New Year!


@Lon_Overacker, glad you found this one and had time to comment. Thank you…!
A very Happy New Year back to you also!!.. :beer:

Paul, happy new year!

I was just talking with a friend about Joshua Tree and we both agreed that Joshua Tree NP is a very difficult place to photograph. But I told him that it is not impossible to photograph it well because your work clearly shows that that is the case. I showed him some of your photos that you posted here and we both agreed. This is one of those. Thanks for sharing your work and for the inspiration you have given me.

@Adhika_Lie, thank you for your comments regarding this image & my work from JTNP in general.
I’ve heard others mention over the years the difficulty of finding workable ideas and scenes in the park too. I will agree it is challenging. I’d have to say it has taken me numerous years to come away with a fair amount of keepers. What is not obvious is the amount of film that made it into the round file. No doubt something we all go through over time, but easier hitting the delete key with digital then with wasted film.

Paul, the light is lovely, with the gentle warm glow towards the right. The pile of rocks is striking. The J-trees in the corner are a good size reference with the distant views adding well to the sense of place. Even at NPN size, the high quality of LF shows.

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I always thoroughly enjoy your images from JTNP and this one is no exception. The light on the desert landscape is exquisite and adds some wonderful textures and details to the scene. I did not notice it at first, but I love the way the leaning Joshua tree mirrors that of the balancing boulder. I also like the gradation of color in the sky along with the contrasting warm and cool tones. I can see why this is one of your favorites. I hope 2020 is a great year for you as well.

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An excellent capture of the late light on this fascinating rocky formation, Paul! You can tell you know where to go and when to be there!

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