Sony A700
Minotla 24-85 @ 24mm, CPL
ISO 200, 1/250 @ f8
This is Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park in Canada. This 1224 foot falls isn’t very easy to get to so I have seen few images of it despite its impressive size and volume. I got this view on our first Canadian Rockies trip in 2009 and was lucky enough to get there at the right time to shoot the rainbow in the spray. Even from where I was standing the spray was heavy enough to make me keep my lens shielded and I had to wipe it off almost between every shot. All comments welcome. >=))>


A very strong waterfall rainbow, Bill! The second bow is a nice bonus. I like how the water fall and the rainbow are in opposite corners and balance the scene. The large version of this has much more presence and is particularly nice!

Bill, there’s a lot of great stuff in this view, the falls, the double rainbow and the stream exiting the frame in the lower right. The power of the falls shows well with that big bright plume near the top.

A wonderful image of the falls, Bill, and the bonus is the double rainbow! Outstanding image.

Wow! Appears I actually COULD easily find the end of this rainbow! Gorgeous scene and an outstanding job of capturing it.

Agree with Mark and Gary on this one; beautiful. If I remember, this is near Jasper. I’ve only been up there once in the glacial melt water streams are very colorful.