Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Early morning fog at Yosemite NP.

Specific Feedback

Do you have any comments about the composition? Colors?

Technical Details

28mm, 1/20, F13, ISO 125


Beautiful! This HAD to be recent, right? The volume of water is about right and when you’re on the bridge, I’m betting the water level is like a foot or so below the bottom of the bridge. I was just there too last week! It was a unique experience there because half the valley had been closed for a number of days and I think the weather and closures kept people away.

Both composition and colors are great. I think the level of the river has made this capture quite unique because levels this high haven’t been witness in a long, long time. Even the volume of the falls is spectacular. Colors look great; I especially like the morning light on the spring trees. Just beautiful. The blue in the sky reminds me of the classic KR64… (young pups might not even know what that is…)

Thanks for bringing me back there.


Thanks Lon! Yes, I was there last week. We had rain, fog, and sunshine which provided a variety of shooting opportunities. I’ll be back!


Hi Scott,

This is a wonderful image of Yosemite Falls!
I really like the fog and I like being able to clearly see the fog through the trees and leaves on the right side.
The reflections are really nice and I’m glad you chose where you did to cut those reflections off at the bottom of the frame.

It is a unique view and I hope to make it out there myself someday soon.

The only thing I see that might need some attention is the brighter browns on the left edge, it’s not really a distraction but it might be an improvement to either darken that area or do some mild cloning of greenery over top of it. The only reason I mention it is because it’s the only brighter area on the left edge. Again, not a distraction, just an idea for improvement.

Thanks for posting this, I’ve been thinking about going out there for the past year or so.

Thanks Merv, most appreciated! I will take a closer look at the browns on the left.


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Impressive - make me want to be there! You have handled the fog very well. Good depth. What need to be sharp is sharp.
The LLC is perhaps a bit dark and might be taking away just a little from this otherwise beautiful take!


Something otherworldly must happen to the light when it enters this Valley. You captured it well in this composition. My only wish is that you would have stepped to the right just a bit so that the waterfall was more separated from the trees. Otherwise, everything about this photo is spot on!

Yes, I agree. Gives me a reason to go back!

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks Karl! Appreciate the feedback.


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This is gorgeous Scott. I love the painterly feel that the light, fog, and reflection create.

Thanks you so much!