A modernist bridge

This bridge on the Natchez Track Parkway was built in the early 1990s with a decidedly modernist look. Wikipedia discussion here. Because of it’s size, the only way to get the entire bridge in a frame is from a long ways away. There’s a parking area with a short walk to the base of the central pillar. So I was trying to get something that captures the flowing shape. Here are two views, the first one shows the northern 2/3rds of the bridge, while the second one is near the base, looking south.

Impressive bridge, Mark. Thanks for posting the two views and I definitely get a better feel for the whole bridge. Great lens flare.

Amazing structure, well photographed. The second one is wonderful with the unusual and surprising starburst.

Mark, what a huge structure this devil is. Both images share a bit of the modern architecture. I really like the second vertical image with the sunburst… :+1:
Although admittedly my first choices are usually always a horizontal image. So the fist one gets the nod from that POV. … :sunglasses:
Looking at the second one I notice the lower arching span has some kind of divots in the concrete? Not sure if that was structural issues or something different going on there. … :thinking: