Bridge Geometry

This was shot in Portland, OR…I think. I was stuck by the age and the curvilinear structure so common in the 40’s and 50’s, though I suspect this bridge is a lot older than that due to the Art Deco style of the upright support structures.

Technical Details

Composite: No
D500, 200-500 @ 270mm, f/10, ISO 250, 1/2000 (I had been shooting harbor seals when I saw this cement truck crossing so shot without making any adjustments)

Standard ACR with more emphasis on making it a silhouette then finishing it off with SEP2.

Pleasing framing of the structure, but I’m a little conflicted about the truck. It does provide balance, though. Maybe I’d prefer it to be driving into the scene.

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Hey Chris, I am not sure, but I think this is the Newport Bridge in Newport Oregon. Here’s a shot I took several years ago…

Thanks, David. I was in both places the same day, so took a shot…WRONG, but here or there, still a neat bridge.

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I like the closeup you have here with the bridge in silhouette. The art deco style is most appealing. I agree that the truck would be more interesting driving into the image, but that is an insignificant detail that you could not control. The detail / texture on the iron work is well captured.

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I kind of like the truck driving out…sort of like a “leaving the scene of an accident” kind of feel. Then I’m a bit weird…:slight_smile:

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