A Pause Moment in Play-fight

I’m experimenting with my B&W.
Having worked in the traditional darkroom (the chemical one), I find working in digital darkroom like cool breeze.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 30D; 500 mm; ISO 400; 1/320 sec. at F 4.5.


Wonderful capture! A compelling interaction with very lovely tonalities. There is a small halo around the bottom piece of sky. It could probably be remedied with a new layer with different slider positions, masked to that area, or a different profile for that layer. That would probably change the tonalities of the elephants in the bottom area, but it might be possible to blend it nicely. The older camera body could be to blame.

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Thank you, much appreciated :pray:

Real nice emotion to the image and it works really well in B&W. I quite like this.

Really sweet moment, Jagdeep. A very expressive photo.

Jagdeep, another fine b&w look at elephants. It looks like there was quite a size difference between these two, although the smaller one has quite a poke on the bigger one. I’ve always felt that b&w was especially good for showing textures and these skin details in these two really amplifies that feeling. (I’m chuckling about seeing mom’s leg as her trunk in your previous post…the lack of taper should have been a give away…)

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I really love your black and white project! As much as I love your color photography I think I love this even more! It just brings it on a higher level, very sophisticated and artistic.

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Thank you friends for your kind words :pray:

This is just an image to fall in love with!

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The curves, and connection between these two are just beautiful. What a fantastic image!
Note: your title shows “Weekly Challenge”, and I assume it is this weeks B&W challenge. Do you want to add the “996 black white” tag as well so it will be included with all the others?

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