A Trifecta Morning

As I had some crusty old mold growing on me from lack of posting images I finally found my way back to the correct process thanks to some help from Harley today.

Seeing the latest WC Trio theme I’d recalled this scene from last year. Nothing special just a few decent sized barrel cactus growing on a hillside in JTNP. I really liked being out here this particular morning as it was the first time in many years I’d actually came across a Horny Toad Lizard.

Wista DXIII 4x5 - Schneider APO 120mm - 2 Stop Soft Grad - Velvia 50

A fine look at J-Tree and those cacti. Processing looks good to my eye, too. A little front tilt and you are good to go. I miss having camera movements, and the PC digital lenses are too danged expensive, big and heavy. Oh well… Good entry, Paul.

They’re too danged sensitive, too. Wonderful to see a 4x5 image here! I love the almost hyper- realistic (by today’s standards) detail, and DOF.

You have a wonderful web site. How on earth did you manage to balance a 4x5 (and yourself) on that egg -shaped rock to shoot Mt. Whitney through Mobius arch? I need to drag out one of mine and post here.

Paul, glad to see a post from you. This is a fine trio of barrel cacti and it’s neat how their color lets them stand out from the surroundings. It’s an inviting scene that has me wanting to wander around and see what on the other side of the ridge.

@Harley_Goldman @Diane_Miller @Mark_Seaver …thank you for taking the time to review and comment on this scene. I was struggling a bit in finding my way around the site and Harley gave me a helping hand.
As I mentioned the highlight of this outing was finding the Horn Toad Lizard or Horny Toad. It is still the small things in life that keeps me going out there in the field… :sunglasses: