A walk in the park

Description: This is nearby park I walk in several times a week. This was one of many amazing moment caught in the camera.

Specific Feedback Requested: any and all

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Pentax K-7, 1/125th, f/4.0, ISO400, 60mm

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)No, a single image

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John, the crepuscular rays through the trees and the big curving road make a view that begs the viewer to walk in and enjoy.

That is a great moment in the woods. It gives an ‘out of the darkness into the light’ feeling. To emphasise this even more my suggestion is a slight crop top and bottom. At the top just below the light patch, at the bottom just above the light patches. Beautiful light rays and I like the subdued colours.

Hi John, yes this is a beautiful scene and well captured. The sunlight streaming through the trees really make the image pop. Composition is great…liking your vertical orientation, curving road, and inclusion of the slope on the left. My only other thought is I’d like to see the exposure increased a bit, without affecting the sunrays too much.

Even though it’s as big as a road, it’s a quiet scene and speaks of solitude despite the heavily trafficked look.

Thank you, Mark. If that is what you got from it, I am thrilled as that is what I’d intended.

Thanks, Igor. I’ll try that and do a side by side in LR.

Much appreciated , Jim. I have gone back and forth on the overall exposure. Will look again.

This use to be a road, now free of all but emergency and occasional work vehicles. This 200A gem of a park is right in the middle of Montpelier, accessible by numerous trails and heavily used.

Beautiful serene scene John. I really like the warm green spots that are spot lit from the sun rays on the left side of the road. This scene makes me wonder what around the corner. It has a little bit of mystery to it. I can see why you chose this image to post for the weekly challenge.

Thank you for your kind comments, David. There is a bit of mystery and a lot of serenity in this spot. Come and visit sometime!

A gorgeous capture, well processed! I thin the crop suggestion by @Igor_Hoveijn is worth considering but only to make an outstanding image even better! (What is the superlative? Outstandinger…?)

The idea certainly has merit. Thank you Igor , for the suggestion and Diane for the prompt. I walked on this road (no cars nowadays) yesterday in a foot of snow; it too was lovely but not a photo op.